Back to School

Resources to prepare for the start of a new term

Whether you're preparing for your first class or looking for inspiration to reinvigorate the classroom, this year we've collected a special back to school kit of resources to help you prepare.

From quizzes to brand-new teaching resources, you'll find everything you need to kick-start your teaching. Explore our resource kit below and follow us on social media for more #back2school fun!

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Teaching tips

Explore our resource kit of teaching tips by sector to give your classroom a boost! Keep an eye out as we continue to update this section with more resources throughout the back to school season.


Young Learners

As you get lots of new students this term be sure to build effective relationships with their parents. Take our quiz to find out if you communicate well with parents and to learn more about what makes a successful home school link!

Get the new term off to a roaring start and join Tiger Time author Mark Ormerod for his video series of Primary Teaching Tips series. Download Carol Read's list of Top Tips for Establishing Positive Relationships with Young Learners.

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Download pencil case activity


Use our Gateway flipped classroom playlist to introduce the flipped classroom into your lessons and find out how it can be successfully applied with the help of Gateway 2nd Edition.

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If you have students who want to take a fast, intensive route to their Cambridge English First exam then Straight to First could be the course for you. Use this course alongside the free resources in our new exams sections to ensure students achieve their potential in their exam.

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Our adult authors talk about their favourite lessons from their much-loved respective courses. You can download samples of the featured lessons along with our author tips on how best to use them. So try our adult courses in your classroom now!

Our adult authors' favourite lessons


Start your first lesson off with a fun spelling quiz to find out if your new students are spelling stars! It's also a great way to engage students at the start of the new term.

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