Case Study

Skillful at The University of Northampton

Bob Fisher – Head of English as a Second Language

Caroline Taylor – Associate Lecturer ESL

Watch this video case study with lecturers and students from the University of Northampton as they share their experience of using the Academic English course Skillful and the impact it has had on their learning.

Teachers video:


"Skillful is a very thorough course. It introduces, practises and recycles the strategies throughout the course. It’s a pleasure to see students improve."
– Caroline Taylor

"Skillful has helped students to develop a greater awareness of the academic conventions e.g. referencing, note taking."
– Bob Fisher


Students video:


"It’s helped me to take lecture notes more efficiently."
– Ali Razwqi Al-Lami

"It’s helped me to build up vocabulary, including phrases and collocations."
– Diyar Sadeq Saeed

"You can easily develop your study skills."
– Ameer Mosa Thoney Al-Sadi



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