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By encouraging young students to use new language skills in various real-life scenarios, Beyond equips them with an effective set of communication tools. Personalisation allows learners to apply new-found skills to their own experiences, making the learning process more relevant and memorable. Rigorously benchmarked against CEFR and international exams, Beyond also provides a clear and easy-to-use structure to plan and monitor students’ progress.


Rob Metcalf and Rebecca Robb Benne and Robert Campbell

Key Features

  • Syllabus - mapped to the CEFR can-do statements and PET and KET for schools language
  • Vocabulary - the course has a clear and strong focus on vocabulary and vocabulary building with practice
  • Practice at the end of each unit as part of the Review page and extra consolidation and practice Grammar - the target grammar is always presented in context and students are encouraged to work out rules from examples
  • A life skills lesson in every unit aims to equip students with transferable skills for life beyond the classroom
  •  Test new key feature
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