• Guide to Interactive Whiteboards

  • If you’re a teacher in the modern classroom you’ll probably be familiar with the Interactive Whiteboard

    Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) come in all sizes, from small and portable to wall-mounted IWBs for use with full-size classes. Some IWBs require the use of an e-pen; with others, you can interact with the board using your finger. It is also possible to use interactive whiteboard software with just a computer and data projector.

    It is important to bear in mind that the IWB is a powerful and effective learning tool. By simply following sound pedagogical guidelines, teachers can easily integrate the new technology into their teaching, and provide students with motivating language learning experiences.

    Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

    “Many language teachers enjoy creating their own digital materials. Using an interactive whiteboard, they can use shapes and colours in imaginative ways, changing the background colour to hide and reveal text for instance; they can easily insert audio clips and web-links into their pages.”
    Pete Sharma, New Inside Out Digital Guidebook

    This is just one of the many benefits of using IWB materials in your classroom. Others include:

    - Encouraging collaborative learning and engaging different learning styles
    - Enabling personalised learning and  motivating both students and teachers
    - Reduce lesson preparation time and allows access to a wider range of media
    - Best option for class-wide presentations as well as developing a more student-centred approach to learning

    Macmillan Interactive Classroom software

    Macmillan Interactive Classroom software provides a digital version of the Student's Book with integrated audio, dynamic tools for presenting and interacting with materials, extra activities and answer keys.

    It also includes videos with cross-curricular, cross-cultural and oral exam practice materials with accompanying worksheets for use on screen or as downloadable PDFs.

    Other key benefits include:

    - Offline access: ideal for classrooms with little or no connection to the Internet.
    - Easy-to-follow projectable pages of Student's Book materials allow students to follow the class clearly in their own books or on screen.
    - A range of digital presentation tools that work in classrooms with or without interactive whiteboards. 
    - Offered in single or multi-user licence versions, to suit different teaching situations.

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