Last Minute Activities

Need a last-minute warmer, filler or icebreaker activity to fill those extra 15 minutes in class? Then look no further, as onestopenglish has the solution! Try a selection of activities from the onestopenglish bank of extras.

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Musical greetings: get your students talking ang mingling with this fun warm-up activity set to a beat! Ideal for pre-intermediate to advanced students, this activity is perfect to kick-start a class. Find the activity and more related last-minute lifesavers on onestopenglish.

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Star of my life

A great activity for breaking the ice, this onestopenglish activity helps teachers and students get to know each other quickly by guessing how information on the board is related to you.

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Word circle

This onestopenglish activity can be used as a warmer and to check vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. Call out a topic and get students to say an associated word each time they catch the ball.

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