Macmillan English Campus

The educational platform that equips teachers, encourages students and enhances learning

Macmillan English Campus is an English language learning platform developed with you in mind. And thanks to our intuitive new design, it's never been easier to use.

Over 5,000 activities

Discover a  bank of over 60 pre-built courses and more than 5,000 activities for resources to practise the full range of language skills. Covering every language level from elementary to advanced, the English Campus includes activities for general English, exam practice, business English and English for Academic Purposes.

Extra features to enhance learning

With automatic marking, easy-to-use course building tools and our secure messaging service, the English Campus offers students and teachers a flexible learning environment  personalized for their individual needs. From weekly news lessons to extra grammar reference videos, find a new world of interactive materials each time you log in.

Stress-free testing

Check your students' progress with over 100 pre-built tests and 1000 activities for customizable tests. Our in-built Placement Test helps ensure your students are always learning at the right pace, with automatic marking so you can see exactly where they are in their development.

Take a closer look at the English Campus to discover the full benefits for you and your students.

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