• New for 2016

    Discover our latest range of ELT courses and key titles publishing in 2016 for young learners, teenagers and adults.

    Young Learners

  • dex


    Discover, learn and play with English alongside the loveable Dex. A three-level course, Dex provides a supportive and enjoyable learning context for young children. The course follows a story-based approach and includes a full range of age-appropriate activities such as singing, acting and Total Physical Response (TPR).

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  • Teenagers


    Gateway 2nd Edition

    Gateway 2nd Edition maintains the clear structure of the 1st Edition, including regular recycling of vocabulary and grammar and step-by-step development of writing and speaking skills. With exam practice and exam-style tasks embedded throughout the course, Gateway 2nd Edition supports students in preparation to excel in their exams.

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  • Beyond


    Explore the complete series of our six-level course for teenagers – helping students develop key language skills and sub-skills while developing the life skills they require in education and their life Beyond.

    Also available as the American English course Go Beyond.

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  • Adults

    In Company 3.0

    Open Mind

    A groundbreaking course for adults and young adults, Open Mind equips students with the 21st century skills they need in their personal, academic and professional lives.

    Also available as the American English course Mind series 2nd edition.

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  • Breakthrough

    Breakthrough Plus

    This popular communicative American English course offers a comprehensive package to suit mixed ability classes. The course has materials that are rich in detail, but manageable, and builds students' confidence with the language.

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  • Business English

    Tiger Time

    In Company 3.0

    If your students are already workplace professionals, In Company 3.0. delivers the English skills they need for international business communication. The core areas of the course are business trends, soft skills and the practical application of functional language.

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  • Resources


    Celebrating its 15th birthday this year, onestopenglish contains a vast database of ELT resources written by authors and teachers from around the world. Join us as we celebrate in 2016 with brand-new series of video resources, lessons and teaching tips to help you engage your students and save on planning time.

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  • Exams

    Straight to First

    Straight to First is an intensive preparation course for students preparing for Cambridge English: First. Each part of the exam is covered in Straight to First with tips and strategies your students can take and apply in the real exam.

    Find out more about the Cambridge English: First exam and see how our exam resources can suport you and your students.

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  • Graded Readers

    Macmillan Readers

    Macmillan Readers

    This year we'll be celebrating Shakspeare's 400th anniversary over on Macmillan Readers. Throughout 2016 you'll find plenty of new resources, activities and surprises over at macmillanreaders.com to support your teaching.

    Explore the full list of Readers including  Othello and Agnes Grey.

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