English Pronunciation skills with Adrian Underhill

Teaching English Pronunciation Skills

English Pronunciation Skills - Teaching Tips and Resources

Teaching English pronunciation can be a challenging task. Help your English students master those tricky words using our pronunciation resources including teaching tips, apps, interactive phonemic charts, recordings of past webinars and our excellent series of pronunciation videos with Adrian Underhill.

Interactive Phonemic Charts

Our very popular interactive phonemic charts have recently been updated. They have been developed by English pronunciation expert and author Adrian Underhill. We have interactive British and American versions, along with printable PDFs for you to use in the classroom.

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Pronunciation Videos

An exclusive series of short videos about pronunciation, pronunciation learning and how to teach pronunciation. Adrian Underhill offers practical advice to help teachers teach their students to master pronunciation of the English language.

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Our Previous Pronunciation Webinars

Our previous webinars on pronunciation, teaching with phonics and how to help your English students master those difficult sounds. These webinars feature popular authors such as Adrian Underhill, Jill Leighton and Chris Bowen.

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