Pronunciation Skills Videos

With Adrian Underhill

In an exclusive series of short videos about pronunciation, pronunciation learning and how to teach pronunciation, Adrian Underhill offers practical advice to help teachers teach their students the different sounds of the English language.

Adrian Underhill is the series editor for the Macmillan Books for Teachers and author of Sounds Foundations, the inspiration behind the award-winning Sounds: Pronunciation App.

About Adrian Underhill The Phonemic Chart

Pronunciation Skills Videos

In this 39 video series about pronunciation skills  Adrian Underhill demonstrates why it's important for native and non-native teachers to take a practical approach to teaching pronunciation.

This series examines in detail the Phonemic chart,  the three levels of pronunciation, the physicality of pronunciation and the 'muscle buttons'. We then have some recommendations for native and non-native pronunciation teachers and the best way to help english students with unfamiliar sounds.  Following up we have a series of videos on using the Phonemic chart to teach pronunciation of particular sounds in a very interactive and engaging way.

Start watching now to learn more about the Phonemic Chart, explore the physicality of pronunciation, and find tips  to effectively teach pronunciation in your language classes.